Art, Coffee, Bikes… Frederick?

I’m kinda old to be a social media hipster but I was recently selected to be part of Enterprise Carshare’s #CarShareDC crew. Guess they liked my Instagram shots of beer and bikes.

As a member of the crew, I get to take three free day trips this summer courtesy of Enterprise. Anywhere within 100 miles of DC is within my domain. In return, I have to take photos and share them on social media. I’d do this all on the iPhone, of course.

For my first auto excursion, I went to beautiful downtown Frederick to have lunch with my talented photographer friend Mary-Kate McKenna.

Here are some pics from the trip:

Foldy bike and Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise has cars around the city. I chose a Ford Escape, which was parked in an an alley about a block from where I live. It handled DC’s potholes with aplomb and was surprisingly maneuverable. Accompanying me, as always, was the foldy bike.


Plenty of room for my foldy! Next time, I’ll have to bring my real bike.


Gas is included but you may have to fill up the tank yourself. A gas card is in the glove compartment.

City of spires

Downtown Frederick. It’s about an hour from DC. Leaving after rush hour, I didn’t run into any traffic.

Me and MK

Miss seeing this girl! I worked with MK at NOAA before she went away to bigger and better things.

MK at the canal

MK at Carrol Creek in Frederick.

I'm in Frederick

I’m selfieing along Carrol Creek, which is a linear park which runs through downtown Frederick.

Pretzel & Pizza

Lunch was at Pretzel & Pizza.

downtown mural

Earthbound, part of Angels in the Architecture by William Cochran. Frederick has a lot of art like this downtown.

Gravel & Grind

Vintage bikes! Coffee! All my dreams in one store: Gravel & Grind.

Cortado at Gravel n Grind in Frederick MD


vintage bikes

Vintage bikes which have been fixed-up and modified.

Liked this bike

A thing of beauty. Love that rack on the front.

Baker Park in Frederick, MD

After coffee, I took my foldy bike for a little spin around Baker Park.

Keys go here when you're done

When you’re all done, you return the car to its reserved parking space. To end your trip, you put the keys in the glove compartment holder and swipe your Enterprise card on the windshield sensor.

Best deal in the city - $4 beer at Glen's Garden Market #igdc #beer #lifeiswanderfood #dupontcircle

Trip #1 was a success! After I put the car away, I went to Glen’s for a $4 beer.

Look for more adventures in carsharing coming this summer!

About Joe Flood

Joe Flood is a writer and photographer from Washington, DC. He is the author of the mystery novel Murder on U Street, as well as articles, short stories and screenplays. In his spare time, he likes wandering about the city with a camera.