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The Amazingness of iPhone 6 Video

After upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6, I was shocked at what good photos it could produce. I took some snow photos when I first got it and had a hard time distinguishing them from what I shot with a DSLR. They were so sharp and so clear to be uncanny. The…

Instagram Does Video!

I’ve never been much of a YouTube user. I never saw the point in Vine. I was impressed with the video capability of the iPhone 5, but didn’t use it much, without the ability to share the clips. Until now. Instagram does video! The little square photos that Instagram produces are cheesy and amateurish, like…

Friday Photo: Lindy Hop Edition

There’s something really sweet and joyful about people dancing outdoors to old-time swing music. This Dupont Circle dance craze was part of an organized event put on by the¬†Washington DC Lindy Exchange. Also check out this video from the day.