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Does Anyone Make Real Shit Anymore?

I ask, cause I’m not sure: Do anybody make real shit anymore? – Kanye West, Stronger I put off getting a new iPhone as long as possible, waiting until the battery life was mere minutes and I carried a charger¬†every time I left the house. I knew replacing it would be an ordeal. Months earlier,…

Adventures in Multimodal Transportation (and Drinking)

In most of the United States, there exists but a single transportation mode: driving. You use a car to get to where you want to go. Government has created a massive transportation infrastructure to accommodate that choice – roads of all sizes, gas stations on every corner, parking lots everywhere. Other transportation modes (biking, buses)…

Metro and the Culture of Organizational Indifference

Every morning, I walk by the empty shell of the Silver Spring Transit Center. It was supposed to be a glorified bus shelter, where people could transfer from one bus to another. Construction began in 2008. Six years and $125 million later and it’s still not open. Why? Because it’s unsafe. The concrete in the…

Friday Photo: Longest Week Ever

This was the first full work week after the holidays, and an incredibly long one featuring epic cold and a Friday ice storm. My mood was captured by this photo of Red Line commuters braving freezing rain. I’ve never been so happy to see a week end.

Friday Photo: Morning Commuters

In this iPhone photo, morning commuters ride the escalator down into the Dupont Circle Metro. I used Slow Shutter for the long exposure and then modified it in Instagram. This photo is available as a canvas print from Instacanvas.