Books beyond the monuments, from murder-mysteries to dark comedies, that show a Washington, DC, that tourists never get to see.

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In this collection of short stories about social media, you’ll meet an emigre who discovers that there’s no escape from Facebook. An Instagrammer seeking fame in Hollywood. A Florida woman who goes viral after a drunk tweet. And a grandmother spreading Russian disinformation online.

Funny, dark and thought-provoking – that’s the world of LIKES.




The Swamp - coverThe Swamp

A love letter to Washington, and a wish for its destruction, in a story of when history goes wrong.





Mu-street-coverurder on U Street

A serial killer has targeted the creative class in this darkly satirical look at a gentrifying city.





Murder in Ocean HallMurder in Ocean Hall

When the world’s most famous oceanographer is murdered at the Smithsonian, it’s up to a cynical detective to solve the case.





Don’t Mess Up My BlockDon't Mess Up My Block

A parody of business books, filled with bad advice, from a typically clueless management consultant.





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