The Chud Glossary

The people, places and memes of the 1776 Restoration Movement and Freedom Corner.

1776RM painting by Florence Power
The 1776 Restoration Movement by Florence Power

1776 Restoration Movement (1776RM) – Christofascist cult formed by David “Santa” Riddell in May, 2022, after the collapse of the People’s Convoy. Comprised of January 6ers, QAnon devotees and other fanatics, they spent July sleeping in their cars on the National Mall to “take back America” and return Trump to office. Collapsed due to infighting and incompetence.

Anarchy Princess – 1776RM antagonist who would rocket to viral fame after her encounter with Trump advisor Peter Navarro.

Antifa – while technically referring to antifascists, chuds blamed the group for so much that that the suffix   -tifa was soon applied to everything any time something went wrong (Buffertifa, Subtifa, Weathertifa, etc…).

Arts-n-CraftsTifa – the disparaging term used by the 1776RM for counterprotestors with their colorful signs, stickers and catchy chants. But who doesn’t like arts n’ crafts?

Baldy Banks/Sam Singe – creators of Damnation Drive-In and countless videos mocking the chuds.

Babytifa – children are born antifa.

Bandit – convicted pedophile who Santa kept in 1776RM despite knowing of his crimes.

Berkeley County, WV – home to the 1776RM Bunker Hill base camp and some very questionable cops.

Biketifa – bard/lawyer/artist/cyclist responsible for chalktifa and posters memorializing chud crimes.

Biketifa with a limited-edition Florida Man
Biketifa with a limited-edition Wykoff.

BlackCatTifa – all black cats are antifa.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) – group that formed to protest racism and brutality by the police.

Boomer – from Baby Boomer, a derogatory term used to describe someone bad with tech.

Buffertifa – when the network goes down and your livestream freezes.

Bunker Hill – an abandoned lot, and no place for children (though children were there), that was the West Virginia home for 1776RM.

Capitol Police – police force responsible for the security of the US Capitol.

Cash app me, hoes!” – a call for online donations.

Chalktifa – chalk messages scrawled on the sidewalk at Freedom Corner and outside the Prettyman Court House. Things like pentagrams, 666, fake Satanic spells and personal insults aimed at J6 supporters.

J6 Losers
Chalktifa messages for J6 supporters outside the US Court House.

Character Unlock – when you learn the identity of a new chud.

Chud – the “boss streamer,” a shambling wreck of a man who called Greek art “old-fashioned porn” and watched his health decline as his YouTube views rose.

Chud Legal Advice – do not follow.

Chud Logic – making the dumbest possible choice in any given situation.

ChudPox – a mysterious skin condition, similar to herpes, that afflicted Freedom Corner.

Chuds – term used to describe 1776RM/Freedom Corner members and Trump supporters in general. Derived from the 1984 film “CHUD” which stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.

The CommishAdvisory Neighborhood Commissioner Patricia Eguino, who took back Freedom Corner from the chuds, was stalked by Micki Witthoeft to the Metro and was threatened by Nicole Reffitt (who wished she had her shotgun).

Convite Brad Pitt– after alerting Santa to a covid outbreak, he was kicked out of the group.

Corringe – sang the viral hit “My Pussy” before turning chud.

Crystal Meth – 1776RM security member and Anarchy Princess opponent.

Cuck a chud insult, and obsession, is to be cuckolded, preferably while they watch.

Cuckadoodledoo – insult yelled by DOA at 1776RM.

Damnation Drive-In – the Daily Show of Chuds, hosted by Baldy Banks and Sam Singe (demonic avatars) devoted to mocking (and smiting) 1776RM/Freedom Corner.

Damnation Drive-In

“DC don’t like fascists!” – a popular anti-chud chant.

DC RATS – DC Residents Against Terrorists and Sympathizers, locals that monitor and harass J6 supporters.

Defender of Ants (DOA) – chuckling madman who irritated 1776RM and Freedom Corner like no one else.

Defender of Ants
DOA at Freedom Corner

Doll Lady – woman who reenacted great moments in 1776RM history using dolls.

Donos – donations.

Doxxing – to expose someone’s personal information online and encourage others to harass them, such as trying to get them fired or kicked out of their home.

Eagle’s Nest – Eckington home of Micki Witthoeft and Freedom Corner, named after Hitler’s Alpine retreat. Rent on the house is paid by Patrick Byrne, the Overstock guy and part of “Team Crazy” that worked with Trump in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.

Farmtifa – Santa was fooled into driving for several hours to meet a man who promised him a farm for 1776RM to live on. He didn’t show up; it was the work of Farmtifa.

Flood the lines!” – a common 1776RM/Freedom Corner tactic was to publish the phone number of an opponent and encourage their supporters to call them. They flooded the National Suicide Hotline with calls about January 6th, preventing the despondent from receiving support.

Flopper – 1776RM member who received this nickname after flopping to the ground when he was touched by a counterprotestor. Later was arrested by MPD for harassing staff at the DC Jail.

Frankie Bobbie – the ladies man of 1776RM.

“Frankie Bobbie, your car is on fire!” – the moment that prompted endless memes, remixes and t-shirts, when Anarchy Princess yelled this warning after noticing smoke coming from the hood of Frankie Bobbie’s car.

Freedom Corner – nightly vigil outside the DC Jail begun in August 2022 by Ashli Babbitt’s mom, Micki Witthoeft, demanding the release of January 6th prisoners and the hanging of Nancy Pelosi. There is also a buffet.

Freedom Corner Block Party – the insurrectionists held a party on the one-year anniversary of their vigil, featuring the terrible rapping of Ron J Spike and other atrocities.

“Fuck Donald Trump” – the soundtrack of counterprotestors.

The General – a rival J6 prisoner advocate who split from Micki Witthoeft and Freedom Corner after their Nazi problem was revealed.

GiveSendGo (GriftSendGo)the online fundraising platform popular among chuds.

“Give me back my phone!” – when Oreo KKKookie shouted this after briefly losing his phone, it was used by counterprotestors to mock him.

GloryBeef – aka the Beef, the most Karen of Karens, prone to issuing unasked for advice to counterprotestors and conducting interminable online auctions of homemade crap.

Golden Pelvis – flag-waving patriot who fell off a fire truck, cracking his pelvis, and, once healed, continued to fall off bikes and scooters.

Granny Cash – the most avid supporters of 1776RM/Freedom Corner were seniors who provided money for the group.

Granny Squad – elderly fans of 1776RM/Freedom Corner who provided cash and support.

Grift – a common insult but all sides received online donations freely from supporters. So who was a grifter? 

Helena – desperately wanted to be the girlfriend of a J6 prisoner but none of them wanted her. Compared to a frog by her Freedom Corner comrades, she was kicked out of the group, after she objected to the Nazis in it. Cried frequently, inspiring the chalktifa slogan and meme, “Cry more, Helena.”

Anarchy Princess vs the Proud Boys fangirls
Helena (left) vs Anarchy Princess (right)

“Hi, Mudpie.” – another meme, referring to Chud’s habit of greeting his viewers.

Homophobia – rife in the patriot movement.

“Honor your oats!” – when a chud yelled “Honor your oath!” at police, a misheard version of this demand became a viral meme.

Incel – involuntarily celibate.

“Insurrectionist losers, little baby losers!” – popular anti-chud chant.

Ivan Raiklin – a January 6th coup plotter and Freedom Corner ally.

J6 – January 6th attack on the Capitol.

J6er – someone who took part in the January 6th attack on the Capitol or supports it.

Jericho Steve – chud livestreamer who was arrested after assaulting Anarchy Princess with a flagpole.

Joe Flood writer and photographer who covered 1776RM and Freedom Corner.

Joe the Box –  man with a thick Long Island accent who dresses like Evil Knievel, traffics in conspiracy theories and threatened to shoot Patricia Eguino.

Johnny Troy & The Hayseeds – in an epic prank, this fake band convinced 1776RM that they would play their rally for free before pulling out at the last minute.

LARP – in many ways, 1776RM was like a live-action role playing game (LARP) where you could take on a new identity, join a quest and receive awards like money, sex and attention.

Larry – cult figure and counterprotestor who once wore an orange prison jumpsuit to mock the chuds of Freedom Corner.

The Lawn – what 1776RM called the grassy area in front of their encampment on the National Mall.

1776RM on the grass (that they soon destroyed)
1776RM on the grass (that they soon destroyed).

Lazy Gamer – the Edward R. Murrow of 1776RM/Freedom Corner who provided video summaries of the daily idiocies.

Livestreamer – someone who films live on YouTube.

Lori Arnold – a counterprotestor who came from the right, and hated 1776RM for admitting pedophiles to their ranks.

Mags – patriot writer and webmaster, who could do neither.

Magsbook – the typo-ridden tome about 1776RM written by Mags.

Mayor McCheeseCanada-based Twitch livestreamer who covered the fights and drama of 1776RM as if it were a video game. His “hamburger helpers” somehow convinced people in the trucker convoy and 1776RM to randomly invoke the term McRib without knowing why.

Mean Girls – a trio of masked women who insulted chuds and counterprotestors alike at Freedom Corner with comments about their height, weight and looks.

Meatwad – a chud who made an enormous impact in a small time, with a sign-holding stunt that inspired Anarchy Princess to her moment of viral fame.

Micki Witthoeft – mother of Ashli Babbitt and founder of Freedom Corner, who assaulted Anarchy Princess and wants to hang Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd.

MPD – Metropolitan Police Department, the police department of Washington, DC.

My Pussy – obscene song used to troll chuds; featured in Damnation Drive-In broadcasts.

Nadine – counterprotestor known for her huge “Trump indicted” banner.

Nazi Barbie – Freedom Corner regular who is only called that because she married a Nazi.

Nazi Problem– with a house named after a Hitler residence, a livestreamer who loves Hitler and a woman married to a man covered in swastikas, Freedom Corner has a Nazi problem.

Nicole Reffitt – the prettiest of chuds, she received very sympathetic media coverage from outlets including the Washington Post, despite calling for the hanging of Nancy Pelosi.

Occupy the Lawn – what 1776RM called a political protest was actually sitting, sleeping and live-streaming from lawn chairs on the National Mall.

Online Auctions – chuds raise funds by conducting auctions on YouTube of gnome dolls, American flags and Trump memorabilia in a scheme that looks a lot like money-laundering.

Oreo KKKookie – loathsome live-streamer who would do anything for donations, including staging an antifa attack on his vehicle (allegedly).

Park Police – police force responsible for the security of federal parks.

John "Xray" Dobbins arrested for assault by the Park Police
Park Police officers take 1776RM member Xray into custody.

Patriot – how the chuds referred to themselves, as a holy people dedicated to restoring the republic. If you were a patriot, then all crimes from attacking the police to assaulting children, were forgiven.

Patriot Front – white supremacist group.

“Penis-shaped picture of my mom.” – another viral moment, in which Santa described his rage upon receiving a sticker with his mom’s photo on it

The People’s Convoy (TPC) – trucker convoy that roamed the country in 2022 demanding the rollback of covid restrictions and emergency orders. Attracted a wide range of the disaffected looking for adventure.

Peter Navarro – former Trump advisor humiliated by Anarchy Princess.

The Pirates – chuds who went rogue and dished the dirt on 1776RM.

Pluck the Patriarchy – a counterprotestor at Bunker Hill who was targeted by 1776RM with bogus restraining orders and beat them in court. Also counterprotests the J6ers at Freedom Corner.

Poop Bucket – 1776RM lacked toilets on the National Mall so they were forced to poop in a bucket.

Poop Bucket Kids – Baldy Banks/Sam Singe created a series of animated digital cards depicting 1776RM members.

Poop Bucket Kids

Poop Bucket Patriots – a name given to 1776RM by the trolls.

Postertifa – Biketifa created posters mocking the chuds that decorated the dumpster near Freedom Corner and in other locations around DC.

Freedom Corner Dumpster
The dumpster at Freedom Corner was turned into an art gallery by Biketifa, with posters mocking the chuds.

Prettyman U.S. Court House – federal courthouse where J6 trials take place.

“Promises Made, Promises Kept.” – the 1776RM slogan.

Ram Ranch – obscene song played by counterprotestors to harass Freedom Corner.

Rapture faster!” – after Anarchy Princess shouted this at 1776RM, it was turned into a dance remix. 

Rebecca the Spy – Chinese-American with a fondness for Der Fuhrer who paid Freedom Corner demonstrators and filmed everything, including their crimes.

Red Bike Guy – Joe Flood, who trolled the Patriot Front for being sloppy.

Redress of Grievances – what 1776RM wanted.

Riley – MPD officer who defended the Capitol on January 6th, and later attempted to keep the peace at Freedom Corner while collecting thousands in overtime pay.

Ron J Spike – black conservative rapper who enjoys the company of elderly women at Freedom Corner. 

Ryan J. Reilly – author of Sedition Hunters, about the crowdsourced information leading to the arrest and conviction of numerous J6ers.

Santa – failed preacher/singer/businessman who founded 1776RM and failed at that, too. Quit his cult to join his online love in the Philippines. He returned, alone, and with health problems.

Screaming Steve – lushly bearded patriot who yelled at DC buildings about transvestites before passing away under mysterious circumstances.

Sedition Hunters – online group that uses publicly-available video footage to identify crimes committed on January 6th.

Sexism – while women did the organizing work for 1776RM, men were placed in charge by Santa, a situation that ultimately doomed the movement.

The Singing Racist – Freedom Corner country singer who forced the shutdown of a coffee shop after they gave BLM demonstrators free coffee.

Situational Awareness – what Peter Navarro lacks.

Sparrow – silent presence who filmed thousands of hours of footage from the People’s Convoy and 1776RM before disappearing.

Special Ops – the MPD police force that handles protests and demonstrations in DC, including Freedom Corner.

StreamerWarz – a term painted on the side of DOA’s van, highlighted that nearly all of the battles between chuds and counterprotestors was conducted in front of YouTube livestreamers, who were battling for views and attention.

Stream Snipe – to appear on someone else’s livestream to mock them, preferably without their knowledge.

Subtifa – when 1776RM got pranked by a donor who promised Subway sandwiches that never arrived, it was blamed on Subtifa.

Take Our Border Back Convoy – a trucker convoy without trucks, a border convoy that didn’t go to the border.

Taylor Taranto – arrested by the Secret Service for threats against Obama, he was with 1776RM and Freedom Corner from the start (despite what they said later).

Taylor Taranto with 1776RM
Taylor Taranto with 1776RM.

Tommy Tatum – also known as Tater and Uncle Fester, this Freedom Corner regular was filmed directing rioters against the police on January 6th. Kicked off Freedom Corner for unknown reasons.

Transtifa – trans people who memorably trolled Santa by following him around the Capitol with a pride flag and expressing their love for him.

Traveling Old Folks Home – after the collapse of 1776RM, the aged remnants of the group wandered the country in an RV.

Troll – a patriot opponent.

The Truth Conductor – present at nearly every DC demonstration and press event with a sign reading, “Stop Hating Each Other Because You Disagree.”

Vans – the preferred dwelling place for chuds, who can’t afford hotels.

Voodootifa – voodoo dolls were left around the 1776RM encampment by Arts-n-CraftsTifa, triggering a major freak-out.

Weedtifa – a song, a group of trolls, a lifestyle.

Whistle Girl – woman who disrupted patriot events by blowing a whistle and was doxxed by the chuds.

Whistle Guy – man who disrupted Marjorie Taylor Greene press conference outside the DC Jail with a whistle and was stalked to the Metro by Mickie and Honor Your Oats.

Witchtifa – refers to Anarchy Princess, who dresses in black. Also, used by the trolls to describe good luck. “I got a parking space right out front – that’s some witchtifa.”

Wizzy – insufferable 1776RM “filmmaker” who ended up being hated by all sides.

Wykoff – the ultimate Florida Man, he came to 1776RM looking for a good time but got punched in the face by a member of the security team.


Xray – survivalist who spun fantastic tales about hundreds of trucks coming to DC to support 1776RM but went off the grid after being arrested for assault.

Yellow Sizzler – J6er who cut wires at the Capitol during the attack and became a Freedom Corner livestreamer.

Zachary Petrizzo – reporter who wrote mocking articles about the People’s Convoy, 1776RM and Freedom Corner for the Daily Beast.