How I Became Red Bike Guy

red bike guy cover

“Never forget that a guy on a bike in DC did more damage to the Patriot Front’s propaganda effort than any journalist/researcher ever.”
– Jeff Tischauser, Southern Poverty Law Center

It was the viral video seen around the world, in which a lone man on a red bike mocks fascists for being sloppy. What inspired this moment? How does someone go from observing history to participating in it?

In this memoir of the chaotic Trump years in Washington, DC, Joe Flood tells the story of How I Became Red Bike Guy.

Mass protests. Covid isolation. January 6th. And then the absurd comedy of post-Trump fail groups like the 1776 Restoration Movement and Freedom Corner. Flood writes about them in all in a funny, breezy, diary-style account of times that became way too interesting.

“Your way of turning the ugliness and craziness of 1776rm and the Chuds into beautiful prose is uncanny. You hit it out of the park with this book.”

How I Became Red Bike Guy is available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Audible editions!