Mount Pleasant

Set in the tense days before a Washington riot, the theft of a briefcase brings two men together. One is white, one is black, and MOUNT PLEASANT follows their parallel stories until they are brought together for a final, violent conclusion.

  • First Place – 5th Annual Film DC Screenwriting Competition
  • Top 15% – Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
  • Second Round – Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition
  • Quarterfinalist – PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
  • Honorable Mention – American Screenwriters Association Screenplay Competition

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Mount Pleasant

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  1. […] life has furnished me with lots of ideas to work into fiction. I also wrote a screenplay called Mount Pleasant, which won the Film D.C. Screenwriting Competition. It’s another neighborhood story, this time […]

  2. ayende says:

    enjoyable; love continuous feel of action…will continue through script

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