Photo Roundup: Snow Can’t Stop #BikeDC

Normally, I’m too busy biking to take many pictures of #BikeDC in action. But once the snow started following on Tuesday, I put the bike away. No way was I going to risk the slippery streets on my little-wheeled foldy bike or get salt and grime on my “nice” Specialized Sirrus.

Instead, I concentrated on getting photos of the cyclists of Washington, DC, braving the streets of the city, weather be damned.

Snow Cyclists

The snow “overperformed” according to weather forecasters. January 6 was supposed to just bring us a dusting of snow – instead, nearly four inches fell. The morning commute turned into chaos, with drivers stuck in the snowy stuff, schools cancelled and a general sense of panic.

Gridlock was the norm on the streets of DC. Except for people on bikes, who kept on going.

Snow cyclist on 15th St #bikedc #igdc
She’s prepared. Looks like she’s riding a cyclocross bike with knobby tires. Also note the light, helmet, high-vis jacket, gloves and snow pants.
Snow cyclist on Rhode Island Av
This woman is looking left at the unplowed cycletrack and thinking, “WTF?” But it’s not stopping her.
Wobbly Bikeshare cyclist
I worried about this lady, wobbling down Massachusetts Av on a red Capital Bikeshare bike.
Snow-covered car on Scott Circle
The snow came at the height of the morning rush hour. It was gorgeous, especially around Scott Circle.
This is 17th and M NW - surprised that nothing is plowed downtown #waroncars
What’s missing, you ask? Cars. Traffic was jammed on the roads outside the city, unable to get in. Also, note that 17th St hasn’t been plowed.
Snow-covered platform at Brookland #wmata #igdc
Later in the week, Metro fell completely apart. But on the day of the storm, things were moving pretty smoothly.
Snow commuter trudge
Snow-covered commuters trudge toward NOAA in Silver Spring.
Good thing none of my NOAA friends are in the office because East-West Hwy looks like this
Cars couldn’t get up snow-covered East-West Highway in Silver Spring.
Thank god @peetscoffee in Silver Spring is open during the snowstorm. They are incredibly nice people who always remember my coffee order.
Thank god Peet’s was open! I stop here every morning on my way to work.

Cold Cyclists

After the snow came the brutal cold. Wednesday and Thursday saw high temperatures in the teens – and with the wind, it felt even colder. The streets were icy and only partially cleared – keeping my ice-fearing self off the bike. But the rest of #BikeDC kept riding, weather be damned.

10 degrees? No problem, #bikedc rolls on. (But not me - too icy.)
Sunrise at Logan Circle, as a man on a cargo bike goes by. Air temperature: 10 degrees.
#bikedc was bundled up this morning #igdc
The couple that bikes together, stays cold together.
Bikeshare don't mind the cold #bikedc #igdc
Looks warm enough until you get to the feet. A bikeshare rider on Q Street.
Ice in the L St cycletrack - why I'm not biking
Why I’m not riding: ice on L Street.
Capital Bikeshare cyclist speeding up 15th St NW #bikedc #igdc
Capital Bikeshare gets used at all hours of the day, in every kind of weather. Temp was in the teens as this guy sped up 15th St by the Washington Post.
It's true. Biking will keep you young. Or at least warm. #bikedc #igdc
This guy is proof of the recent study that biking will keep you young. Or, at least, warm.
One-way on T St #bikedc
You don’t need an expensive bike to get around the city, as this woman on T Street demonstrates.

People gonna bike. Maybe they do it because it’s cheap, faster than the Metro or because they enjoy it. Snow is not going to stop them. Cold is not going to stop them. Nothing (short of the end of the world) is going to stop them.

And if you want to ride on ice, snow and everything else, check out Pete Beers’ tips on riding with studded tires.

Author: Joe Flood

Joe Flood is a writer, photographer and web person from Washington, DC. The author of several novels, Joe won the City Paper Fiction Competition in 2020. In his free time, he enjoys wandering about the city taking photos.

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