Rudy Giuliani, Micki Witthoeft and the Banality of Evil

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani outside the court house in Washington, DC.

Rudy Giuliani owes Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss $148 million.

The election workers were awarded this sum by a DC jury after being wrongfully accused by Giuliani of stealing votes and passing around a “USB port like a crack vial.”

He was unrepentant to the end as he continued to smear the women even during his trial.

I saw him outside the federal courthouse in Washington, DC, before the verdict.

Hannah Arendt was right about evil: it is banal. Giuliani did not look like a villainous traitor as he emerged from the courthouse and made a beeline for the press in his slow, shambling fashion.

Approaching the microphones he insisted that he wasn’t going to comment before doing nothing but commenting.

It was an astonishing performance. Reporters had been speculating if Giuliani would be dumb enough to imperil his case by talking to reporters again. He was.

Fresh after being chastised by the judge for repeating his election lies the day before, he came up with new, fantastic lies, rambling about how the election workers that he defamed were connected to Hunter Biden and Burisma.

I snapped photos, amazed that he could be so dumb. He was alert and cogent as he continued to spread the lies that forced Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss to go into hiding.

He knew that what he was doing was evil yet he did it anyway, again and again, like Satanic Tourette’s syndrome, in a desperate bid for attention. Again and again, he said, “I can’t talk about that” before talking and talking as his nurse boy assistant tried to guide him to his car. This was a man with no soul, an empty vessel, who lived only for the glare of TV lights.

If ever there was a chud who deserved to be mocked, it was Giuliani.

Fortunately, Anarchy Princess was on the case, standing behind him with a sign behind him reading:

Rico Rudy, Buckle your pants!
Racist pig!

Anarchy Princess and Rudy Giuliani
Anarchy Princess and Rudy Giuliani

His nurse boy tried to box her out but AP has dealt with the violent chuds of Freedom Corner and the oily Peter Navarro; nurse boy didn’t have a chance.

She followed him to his car, yelling at him. Like the former mayor, AP is from New York, so this is personal for her.

Another AP opponent is Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, who has repeatedly demanded the hanging of Nancy Pelosi.

She makes her violent threats at a nightly vigil outside the DC Jail. “Mama Micki” and her supporters sing patriotic songs and eat dinner in a picnic atmosphere. They call it Freedom Corner, their little open-air traitor party outside the jail.

The banality of evil is eating casserole off a paper plate while you summon a lynch mob to hang your enemies.

Like Giuliani, she knows what she’s doing.

On Friday, after the $148 million award was announced, Giuliani again came out of the court to lie to the press.

This time, there was a new court watcher in the crowd: Bryan Betancur. He’s a mentally-disturbed January 6th rioter who has expressed the desire to shoot up a school.

He’s also stalking Anarchy Princess.

A Freedom Corner regular, and a close friend of Micki Witthoeft, he’d shown no interest in Giuliani until he saw that Anarchy Princess was there.

Bryan Betancur

Rudy Giuliani smeared Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman knowing that his followers would drive them underground – or worse.

Donald Trump spread lies about the election knowing that his supporters would “fight like hell.”

Micki Witthoeft calls for her enemies to be hanged knowing that one of her people might just take her up on the offer.

Giuliani, Trump and Witthoeft are cowards who won’t do the dirty work themselves. But they know if they demonize their opponents enough, someone will do it for them.

Author: Joe Flood

Joe Flood is a writer, photographer and web person from Washington, DC. The author of several novels, Joe won the City Paper Fiction Competition in 2020. In his free time, he enjoys wandering about the city taking photos.

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