Freedom Corner Gets J6er Longer Sentence

Antony Vo violated his pretrial conditions by being at #freedomcorner
The chalk never lies

“Is that what’s it’s called? Freedom Corner?” Judge Chutkan asked, sounding incredulous.

The fantasy world of Freedom Corner, the insurrectionist vigil outside the DC Jail, met cold, harsh reality in the courtroom of Judge Chutkan, during the sentencing of Antony Vo, who stormed the Capitol with his mother on January 6th.

Judge Chutkan, who would’ve handled Donald Trump’s election interference case if the Supreme Court hadn’t bailed him out, rejected the premise of Freedom Corner and the idea that the violent J6ers held in the DC Jail were hostages.

Antony Vo had dragged out his trial and his sentencing for two years by constantly switching attorneys and, at one point, going on a cruise to Cancun.

In his Twitter bio, Vo said that he was a “J6 wrongful convict” who had been convicted by a “kangaroo court.”

Antony Vo on Twitter
Antony Vo on Twitter. Still online as of 4/11/2023.

He also visited Freedom Corner, despite his pre-trial agreement to stay away from it and avoid contact with other J6ers.

Freedom Corner is a livestreamed grift, broadcast on YouTube from outside the DC Jail, where fans of the insurrection take calls from prisoners.

Unsurprisingly, he was caught on one of their livestreams by Anarchy Princess, who loves to snitch on insurrectionists.

The above was mentioned in the prosecution’s sentencing  memo. Vo’s defense called it creepy that people reported him violating court orders. I’d call it idiotic. Charged with four misdemeanors, the court graciously let him out on pre-trial release, rather than locking him up in the DC Jail. He returned the favor by defying the court to appear at an insurrectionist meetup.

Chutkan cited his attendance at Freedom Corner as she sentenced him to nine months in jail.

More than 1,300 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the Capitol riot. Only 15 of them, the most violent ones, are being held pre-trial.

Most J6 defendants listen to their lawyers, don’t tweet, and plead out.

Some people say that Freedom Corner hasn’t achieved anything.

I disagree.

There’s a reason that some in the J6 community call it “Fed Corner.” It’s a honeytrap that attracts the dumbest of the dumb, gets them to violate court orders or admit to crimes and captures it all on YouTube, which can be easily clipped and shared by viewers.

Antony Vo got a longer sentence due to his attendance at the “hostage” vigil outside the DC Jail.

Freedom Corner gets results.

Author: Joe Flood

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