Don’t Mess Up My Block

Don't Mess Up My Block coverCan you fake it until you make it? Laurent Christ believes so and tells the fantastic story of his success in Don’t Mess Up My Block.

My novel is a satire of self-help books like Who Moved My Cheese. We seem to seek easy answers in America and I wanted to parody that notion with a man who provides terrible advice and yet somehow prospers.

A chance encounter with a motivational speaker inspires Laurent to reinvent his life. After dropping a hundred pounds and shaving his head, he moves off the futon and begins calling himself a management consultant. Despite his lack of business experience, he’s soon providing advice to corporations around the county. Everywhere he goes, comic disaster follows as companies follow his glib counsel.

But failure is not going to stop him. One man and a story – that’s all you need to make it in America.

As a management expert, he’s inevitably drawn to Washington, DC. But even he is appalled by the intransigent bureaucracy he finds in the city. Maybe he’s been wrong about everything. Maybe you need more than a catchphrase to find success.

Don’t Mess Up My Block  is a dark satire that examines the American faith in gurus and easy solutions.

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