Friday Photo: Barcelona Edition

Barcelona on 14th St NW in Washington, DC.
Barcelona on 14th St NW in Washington, DC.

Always bring your camera with you all the time.

Walking home down 14th St, I stopped to take pictures of Barcelona, a new restaurant with a great outdoor patio. I thought it was fascinating – the space used to house a gym. Where the patio exists used to be a fenced-lot containing free-weights. From weights to wine, in just a few years.

The marketing director saw me outside with my “fancy camera” (and Canon Digital Rebel) and insisted that I take a tour of the restaurant. She walked me around the place, showing me the outdoor fireplace, private dining room and their wonderful selection of wine and cheese. Then she parked me at the bar and fed me jamon iberico and gin and tonics. Yes, I can be bought, and the price is ham and booze.

Check out the complete set on Flickr see what Barcelona looks like on the inside. Definitely worth visiting.