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For short trips around DC, I love using Capital Bikeshare.

Joe Flood is a writer, photographer and web person from Washington, DC.

Raised in Illinois and Florida, I graduated from American University. I’ve lived in DC ever since.

Throughout my career, I’ve concentrated on digital content. Whether I’ve been a Web Editor, Web Producer or Web Site Manager, I’ve been at the intersection of content and technology, as someone who could write, work with developers and explain digital strategy to senior executives.
Among the highlights of my work for government and nonprofit organizations include:
  • Managed a federal government web site that chronicled deep-sea ocean exploration.
  • Created social media plans for the National Weather Service and posted to their Facebook/Twitter accounts on a daily basis.
  • Wrote home page copy for the web sites of AARP and The Nature Conservancy.
  • Trained bloggers and photographers to report on the DC Shorts Film Festival.
  • Brand Ambassador Photographer for Enterprise CarShare, charged with creating and sharing compelling imagery on Instagram.

See my resume for more information about me and my career.

Even when I’m not at work, I write. I’ve written several novels, including Murder on U Street. My short story, The Wallace Line, was a finalist in the Nelson Algren Contest sponsored by the Chicago Tribune. And then in 2017, I finished first in the City Paper Fiction Contest. Reading at Kramerbooks was the thrill of a lifetime.

Before that, I had the dream of selling a screenplay. That never quite worked out thought I did win the Film DC Screenplay Competition and got to visit the set of the West Wing – really!

Screenwriting also lead me to a long association with the DC Shorts Film Festival. For this local festival, I directed a screenplay reading, judged films, helped with marketing, trained bloggers, moderated Q&A discussions, served on panel discussions and was the photo coordinator. Among other duties.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy biking around the city and taking photos. While I’ve done some professional work, such as portraits and event photography, I enjoy being an amateur. I shoot what I want. My photos regularly appear in Capital Weather Gang, Popville and other local blogs. This year, I also won the Mitchell Park Photo Contest. The prize was awarded at the residence of the French Ambassador – photography can really take you places!

On joeflood.com, I write about the intersecting of technology and creativity. Photography, bikes, books, beer, techie events, DC stuff, even politics – I write about it all on my site.

Let’s stay in touch. Follow me on Twitter at @joeflood or email me.

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff!

    I am interested in the DIY ethos, too. I’m not from DC, but on my visit there I saw a lot of hard core drive to “get to the top.” Phew!

    One of my favorite books is called Hope for the Flowers, by Trina Paulus. I think you might enjoy it.

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