The Amazingness of iPhone 6 Video

After upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6, I was shocked at what good photos it could produce. I took some snow photos when I first got it and had a hard time distinguishing them from what I shot with a DSLR. They were so sharp and so clear to be uncanny.

The Shot on an iPhone campaign is true. It’s an amazing camera.

With the iPhone 5, I didn’t shoot much video. One reason was lack of space – I had the 16GB model. When I got the iPhone 6, I opted for the 64GB model so that would no longer be a problem.

And I started shooting video. Apple has made it effortlessly easy, as I discovered shooting this cherry blossom clip. The camera compensates for everything – exposure, hand-shake, moving – to produce sharp and beautiful video.

For example, check this clip out of the Royal Knights at the DC Funk Parade. I’m hand-holding it, backing up as the band goes by. It’s amazing to me that everything (even the sky) is properly exposed and that the image stabilization works so well. You’d think I was using a dolly, rather than just holding it steadily in two hands.

Look at it in HD and full-screen to appreciate it.

Royal Knights at the Funk Parade

The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world because it made digital photography easy and accessible. The iPhone 6 will do the same thing for video.